We aim to enrich people’s lives
and give them more confidence.

We developed this notebook for that reason. It has small foil stamping on the cover. Inside the notebook are beautifully drawn plants and still-life pictures. They are just not illustrations but detailed images, like in a pictorial book, on several pages. It is fascinating. You can carry it around with you or keep it in your room while immersing yourself in art.
The writing paper is made of foolscap with simple ruled lines that are easy to use for any purpose. It is 100% handmade in Japan by artisans. They come in many different kinds, such as a top gilt book and glittering dye stamping, and they all come in a portable size. No matter your taste, there is something for everyone.

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By writing out letters one by one,
you can have a deep interaction with yourself.

Nowadays, we can get any information we want with the tap of a finger. However, we areflooded with such a load of information every day that it exhausts us. We should appreciate writing out words from our hearts with a pen. It’s more special than hearing or seeing theinformation on a screen.
I personally write down any ideas or feelings that pop into my mind in a notebook as an illustration or memo. In fact, it has become my daily routine. By doing so, when I open the notebook anytime I want, it reminds me of the feelings I had the moment the idea came up, as well as the scenery of where I was at the time. Simple notes or scribbles may also evolve into something bigger later. The act of handwriting can be more valuable in modern times, even though writing by hand is arguably less handy. We would be glad to help you ignite your imagination with our Green Papillio Notebook.