About us

Green Papillio, Inc. has a concept to “enrich your life by embracing arts in everyday life.” The two artists, Yaeko Shiroshita and Seika, started the company.
We live at the base of a small mountain called Maruyama in Sapporo, Hokkaido. It is a lively area, a pleasant mix of city and nature, modern and retro, academia and freedom.

We see the natural changes of the seasons, have a great love for cute animals and beautiful plants, and look for new and old things and draw them in the pictures of our notebooks. That is what we do.
We would be glad to deliver our notebooks to people in every corner of the world with the blue skies and a cool breeze from northern Japan.

Our main office building

Our main office building of Corporation Green Papillio was built in the fifth year of the Showa era, a design of Mr Yoshiya Tanoue. It is a wooden, modern-design building and has, for a long time, been regarded by local citizens as a medical facility in a castle town. (Currently closed)

Onion fields once surrounded it. The local people said that “the house is built like a warship.” Although it has become an old house in a residential area, it was registered as one of the few buildings in Sapporo that is of the city’s landscape assets (the first 21 issue, private), handing down “Showa modernism” to us. It has become the base of our operations for the artistic production of Green Papillio, Inc.

Architect: Mr Yoshiya Tanoue, described above, was born in 1899 (Meiji 32) in Tochigi Prefecture.

He was an apprentice of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright of America. He designed the Tokyo Imperial Hotel, which did not collapse even during the disaster of 1923 (Taisho 12), the Great Kanto Earthquake. He visited places in Hokkaido two months after that.
He wrote, “I found new courage and fortitude in a tree that steadily stands, not moving an inch. It held the power of leverage in the northern country, and I was impressed by its magnificent vitality.” He designed a lot of modern buildings and architecture resistant to harsh nature with his own experiences. He brought a new life of modernism to the root of the history of Hokkaido’s development. (Reference “Apostle to JR Hokkaido Snow Country, Yoshiya Tanoue”)


Yaeko Shiroshita

I clean up the community daily.
My hobbies are yoga and handicraft. I love DIY, animals, antique furniture, and accessories.
I enjoy making Japanese paintings and hanging scrolls.


Observing and growing plants and animals. Draw them in pictures. Nature is my teacher.
I like visiting shrines, temples, and ancient tombs.


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