MUJINZO Notebook "Mistletoe"

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An easy-to-carry notebook. Its small A6 size makes it easy to put in a pocket or a bag. The front cover has the sparkling gold MUJINZO logo stamped in foil. When you turn the cover, the deep red color of the notebook reveals a faint mistletoe motif. The writing paper is a plain cream color that allows you to easily write down ideas and casual remarks. The high-quality paper is comfortable to write on with ballpoint pen and pencil. Suitable for everyday use.

Message from the Illustrator

Mistletoe and butterflies are depicted on the front and back covers. Mistletoe is a parasitic evergreen plant, which in winter shows its round, shaggy appearance among the trees when the leaves have fallen. Mistletoe is a very slow-growing plant, branching out only one node per year. Although small, it takes decades for it to grow into a spherical shape. I was fascinated by its vitality and sketched it several times. Flying around the mistletoe are butterflies that live in Hokkaido. The life of an adult butterfly lasts only a few weeks. I expressed the fragility of such butterflies and the life force of the mistletoe.

[Size] A6 (105mm x 148mm) 
[Page] Plain 64p
・ Saddle stitch binding
・ Gold ink logo stamped on the cover

Illustrations by Seika