MUJINZO Bookmaker "Mantis"

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These fun bookmarks feature beautiful and charming insects that look as if they are perched on the notebook. The bookmarks can also be used as a ruler, which is very convenient when you want to draw a line. They are printed with a raised transparent resin to prevent them from slipping out of the notebook. The gold and silver coloring adds a fun sparkling effect. Which bookmark is your favorite?

The mantis is a unique insect whose front legs are shaped like sickles. It is not often seen flying, but it can fly short distances. The mantis on top of the bookmark is a three-dimensional wing representation of a mantis about to fly. Three-dimensional raised prints are applied on the mantis's wing veins, its body, and the ruler etc. The figures printed along the bookmark are icosahedron and octahedron, which represent the energies of water and wind.

148mm (length) x 48mm (width) with a 9cm ruler
Raised printing
Gold printing

Illustrations by Yaeko Shiroshita