privacy policy

Green Papilio, Inc. (“Green Papilio”) fully understands the importance of protecting personal information, and observes all applicable laws and regulations relating to privacy protection.

Information obtained from customers

Green Papilio obtains the following information from our customers:

•Age or date of birth
• Sex
• Email
•Phone number
• Address
• Information on customer payment procedures such as credit cards, bank account, and electronic money
•Movement history of our website such as stay time, input, and payment
•Usage history of our website such as startup time, input, and payment

Purpose of using customer information

Green Papilio will use the information obtained from the customers for the following purposes.

• To accept registrations for our services, verify your identification and authenticate
• To manage your usage history of our services
• For payment of usage fees
• To analyze the movement history of customer in our service and help maintain and improve our service
• For market analysis and marketing
• To inform you about our services
• To respond to customer inquiries
• To respond to actions that violate our rules and regulations
• To notify you of changes, availability, termination, or contract cancellation of our services
• To notify changes in our terms and conditions In addition to the above, for the provision, maintenance, protection and improvement of our services

Provided by a third party

Green Papilio will not provide the information obtained from customers that corresponds to personal data to a third party without the prior consent of the customer.
However, the following cases are excluded:

• When outsourcing the handling of individual data.
• When our company or services are acquired.
• In addition, when legally permitted to provide to a third party by law.

Privacy policy changes

Green Papilio will change the content of this privacy policy as necessary. In this case, we will notify you of the timing and content of the changed privacy policy by an appropriate method.

Contact Us

Green Papilio accept inquiries regarding personal information at the following address.

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Established on July 30, 2021

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